Chicago Dogs, Rosemont, Illinois, 7/2/2023
Beloit Sky Carp, Beloit, Wisconsin, 7/1/2023
Milwaukie Milkmen, Franklin, Wisconsin, 6/30/2023
Lake Country Dock Hounds, Oconomowoc, WI, 6/29/2023
Fayetteville Woodpeckers, Fayetteville, NC, 7/30/23
Durham Bulls, Durham, NC, 7/29/23
Charleston Dirty Birds, Charleston, WV, 7/28/23
Kannapolis Cannon Ballers, Kannapolis, NC, 7/27/23
High Point Rockers, High Point, NC, 7/26/23
Rocket City Trash Pandas, Madison, AL, 7/25/2023
Nashville Sounds2, Nashville, TN, 7/24/2023
Las Vegas Aviators, Las Vegas, NV, 8/30/23
Reno Aces, Reno, NV, 8/29,23
Worcester Red Sox, Worcester, MA, 8/9/23
National Baseball Hall of Fame, 8/7/23
Hartford Yard Goats,Hartford, CN, 8/6/23
New Jersey Jackals, Paterson, NJ, 8/5/23
Lancaster Barn Stormers2, Lancaster, PA, 8/3/23
Fredericksburg Nationals, Fredericksburg, VA, 8/2/23
Gastonia Honey Hunters, Gastonia, NC, 8/1/23
Trip Report
New Fields since 2019--19

Total Fields--342

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Trip Report

2023 All Star Week, Seattle, WA
Futures Game, 7/8/23
Home Run Derby, 7/10/23
All Star Game, 7/11/23
Seattle Times Siscel Drawing, 7/7/23