Major League Baseball--Major League baseball team information
Minor League Baseball--Minor League baseball at all levels-Rookie to AAA, US and foreign
Ballpark Business--Lots of information about the business of Ballparks and information about individual ballparks under "Got Ballparks?"
Baseball Stadiums Visited--Meg Minard tells about her journeys to visit baseball fields.
Ballpark 2 Ballpark-- Journey Through the Minor Leagues Volumes 1 & 2 by John & Vicki Hoppin. The books can be ordered at The books tell and show what happens at minor league and independent league ballparks, the people involved, the mascots, the fans, and the fun activities.
Ballpark Reviews--Brian Merzbach continues to be in the forefront of ballpark photography. With well over 400 ballparks now online.
Digital Ballparks--Eric and Wendy Pastore tell about their journeys to visit baseball fields.
Baseball Parks of the Minor Leagues--Paul Crumlish's specialty is smaller baseball parks.
Baseball Pilgrimages--Graham Knight tells about his journeys to visit baseball fields.
Ballpark Digest--Outstanding guide to the Baseball Community. Lots and lots of current and historical information.
Ballparks of Baseball--Information about American and National League ballparks, past ballparks and future ballparks.
Charlie's Big Baseball Parks Page--chronicles Charlie's visit to over 373 different ballparks.
Historic Baseball--Bringing Baseball History to Center Field, information about historic players, teams, leagues, and obituaries. Does not appear to have been updated since 2007, but good information prior to that.
Ballpark Savvy--Some good ideas for planning a baseball road trip.