The Amarillo Dillas, a United Baseball League independent team, play at Amarillo National Bank Dilla Villa, seating 8,500. This is an older stadium, but in good repair. We had a very interesting experience at the game. Again as we approached there was a very black cloud just north of the stadium, picture 1. We entered the stadium, found our seats and Jim started to take pictures. Just as he finished taking the stadium interior shots and waiting for the National Anthem to be sung a strong wind hit the stadium. He went behind home to start taking pictures with the dust blowing into his eyes. Next he went out to get the concession prices, while doing this people started coming out of the seating into the concession area under the seating. He went back inside to find Andrea who had moved way up in the back of the seating area. They decided to go undercover as well since the very light rain was blowing directly into the seating area. As they were walking out Andrea tripped and hit her elbow on the pavement. A local fireman who was attending the game checked her out and the stadium first aid person came by as well. It was determined that there wasn't any major damage to the elbow, so we walked downstairs to the area where everyone else was. After we got back home Andrea's docter determined that she had probably bruised her right rib cage as well. Jim approached a deputy sheriff and asked his estimation of wind speed. He answered between 50 and 60 knots. After standing around in the very cool windy under cover area for about 30 minutes we decided to head for the car. As we started the large rain drops started to fall. We sat in the car for awhile as the gully washer rain fell. We decided that the game would probably not continue since they hadn't gotten the tarp on the field before the rain started. We read in the paper the next day that the game was going to be completely replayed between the Dillas and San Angelo Colts. The mascot is an Armadillo. We had gone on Tuesday, so our Club Level tickets had only cost $2 each. 2011 move to the American Association and change name to Sox. 2015 changed name to ThunderHeads.
American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum-tells the story of the American Quarter Horse. Fee.

Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian-houses a collection of paintings and exhibits that ilustrate the Pueblo and Plains Indian cultures. Fee.