Spring Training 2018 was visits to seven ballfields in the Grapefruit League in Florida from Mar 21-27. We flew to Miami, stayed in West Palm Beach for two night and then drove to Sarasota for six nights before returning to the Miami area for two nights and the season opener at the Miami Marlins. We travelled again this year with Andrea's brother Gary and his wife Ruth. When purchasing spring training tickets, do your research as to where you want to sit and make your puchase as soon as they are available. If they start selling at 6am your time be ready at that time. Most of the time 1st base seating between Home and 1st base in the back rows will have you in the shade if you want shade.

Our first game was at Fitteam Ballpark at the Palm Beaches, which is a new 2018 joint stadium for the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals. The name is so long I had to take three pictures. It has fixed seats for 6,500 and 1,000 on the berm. The Nationals were the home team playing the Astros. The Astros were victorious winning 8-3. The box score was Astros: R-8, H-9, E-0 and Nationals R-3, H-5, E-2. The attendance was 5,399. There is a berm down the 3rd baseline and in center field. I could see only 3 suites on each side on the 200 level. At the end of the 200 level on the 3rd baseline is a group area. Screech is the Nationals' mascot. Ruth was interested in Jose Altuve, Astros player, who didn't do too well. It was interesting that Houston players didn't have a picture shown on the big screen when this was their home park as well as the Nationals. You can get your picture taken with the three presidents, Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, and Calvin Coolidge. Food prices seemed high for spring training, but there was a good selection. Minor league teams from both teams were playing a game on the main minor league field for Houston.