Boston Red Sox Fort Myers FL
jetBlue Ballpark at Fenway South is the Boston Redsox spring training facility. It opened in March 2012 and seats 10,823 fans. Attendance for the game was 9,938. It is set up similar to Fenway. The Red Sox were playing the Houston Astros and shut them out 6-0. The box score was Houston R-0, H-8, E-0 and Boston R-6, H-15, E-0. The field lines are the same as Fenway RF Pole-302, Right Field Bullpen-380, CF-420, LC-379, LF-310 to the Green Monster. Sele, the Boston starter, was hit on the leg with a line drive in the top of the 1st inning with 2 outs. He was pulled from the game. The scoreboard is an old one from Fenway. It doesn't have any space behind it, so someone comes out at the end of each inning and changes the numbers by climbing a ladder. One time it was a teenage boy and another time a woman. There is additional game information posted in left field above some suites. There is seating above the green monster. There is a small berm area in front of grandstands in right field. We had seats in the sun in the right field area and only lasted 4 innings before leaving. In the left center of the last photo you can see Gary, Ruth, and Andrea in our seating area in the sun. For games here be sure you get tickets as soon as they become available for sale. We paid over $35 to a ticket agency for normally $10 seats. Shade seats are available on the first base side above the aisle. Outside the ballpark is a statue of Ted Williams and a young boy. There is a full size LEGO replica of Big Papi, David Ortiz underneath the stands. Scattered around the ballpark are free suncreen dispensers.