Champion Field
Disney World, FL
We visited this ballpark in 2003 when the Orlando Rays played in the Southern Double AA League. Now the Atlanta Braves use it for their spring training and for the Gulf League. Champion Stadium was built in 1997 and seats 9,500 including the berm area. It is adjacent to Disney World and is part of the ESPN Sports Complex. The Atlanta Braves were playing the Detroit Tigers with the Tigers winning 11-3. The box score was Tigers R-11, H-17, E2 and Braves R-3, H-4, E-0. The field lines are RF-335, RC-385, CF-400, LC-385, LF-335. There is no pitch speed on scoreboard, no player positon on the big scoreboard, so it is hard to keep track of the players. I tried to find a line-up sheet, but couldn't. There is a grass berm from the end of 3rd continuing into left field. The fence just inside the left field foul pole separates the ticket cost. Those to the left pay less because of possible foul balls. Those to the right pay more because of possible homerun balls. As one of the ushers said they will do anything to collect more money. There is bleacher seating from 1st base to the right field corner. There was some kind of vidoe activity or contest between every 1/2 inning. A great saxophone quartet played "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". The Florida League emblem worn on the team jerseys is painted on the grass at each ballpakr. A moon was rising in left field during the afternoon game. Two doves were pecking in the grass in short left field during play. Gary sitting on the right was in his usual position trying to stay awake during the warm weather. Shade seating is on the first level in the back rows. Attendance was 6,103.