Many different happenings at SAFECO Field home of the Seattle Mariners built in 1999 and seating 47,116. Following are some of these events with pictures. This is the 35th anniversary of the Seattle Mariners franchise. To throw out the first pitch of some of the games they brought back some of the early Mariners Players. Alvin Davis, the Mariners first Most Valuable Player in 1984, was the AL Rookie of the Year, and an AL All-Star is shown in the first three pictures. Alvin played first base from 1984-91. Mark Langston, pitcher, played from 1984-1989 was an AL MVP for 4 years, and AL All Star one year with the Mariners. Bob Wolcott, pitcher, played from 1995-97. Edgar Martinez played 3rd base, 1st base, and designated hitter from 1987-2004. Edgar was the AL MVP for two years, AL All Star for seven years, and AL Silver Slugger for five years. Diego Segui who was the pitcher for the first Mariners game in 1977 was honored. Next the Mariners installed two previous players into the Mariners Hall of Fame--Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson. Randy Johnson, pitcher, played from 1989-1998. He was an AL All-Star five years, won the AL Cy Young Award in 1995, and AL MVP three years. Dan Wilson, catcher, played from 1994-2005. He was an AL All Star one year. Both are shown with their wives and throwing out a first pitch. The plaques are in the Mariners Museum at SAFECO. On Wednesday, August 15, Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game against the Tampa Rays retiring 27 straight batters and winning 1-0. This was the 23rd perfect game thrown and the second one that the Mariners had participated in this year. The lost the other one to the Chicago White Sox in April. The next Friday game Mariners management, Howard Lincoln, Chuck Armstrong, and Jack Zduriencik presented Felix with a photo of him celebrating after his win. For each game that Felix pitches the Mariners set aside up to 3 sections on the first level as the King's Court where fans receive a special yellow t-shirt and yellow K card. Everyone holds up the K card when Felix gets 2 strikes on a batter. On Tuesday, August 21, when Felix pitched the next time it was Supreme Court. The first 34,000 fans (Felix's # is 34) received a special yellow t-shirt and K card. On the back was the picture of Felix celebrating his win the previous Wednesday. The grounds crew is show dancing and finishing the dance "Felixing". Felix won again that night. On September 8th Felix was honored as the American League Pitcher of the Month for August. Jason Vargas, another Mariners starting pitcher received the award for the month of July. At Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games there are honor guards from various groups who present the Colors for the national anthem. This year there have been military units, Junior ROTC units, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and the US Boarder Patrol. There is a Salute to Latin American Beisbol night with Latin dancers before the game. Diego Segui threw out the first pitch this night. Shown is a fan from Portland portraying the Rally Chief. One before game activity has a parent and child trying to catch 4 pop-up flie in centerfield, 2 each to win a variety of special prizes. The child gets to use a glove and the parent uses an item that comes up on the spinning wheel, such as an umbrella, two oven gloves, a basket. This mother had to catch it in a pie pan, which did have some sticky material in the bottom. She was successful on her second try. At Fan Appreciation Night the six young men shown received the Best Fan Banner Award. They support primarily Dustin Ackley, but they can change the letters for Smoak and to Kyle for Seager.