The Vermont Expos, a Short A affiliate of Montreal, play at Centennial Field, seating 4,415. This is minor league baseball's oldest ballpark whose stadium was built in 1922. The original ballfield was built in 1906. The ballfield is also used by the University of Vermont Catamounts baseball team. As you can see from the pictures this is an old stadium. It has wood slatted seats in the covered area and concrete bleacher sections down both baselines. There is a party area down the third baseline with aluminum bleachers. This field has the largest foul area behind homeplate and down the baselines that we have seen, about 90 feet between the baselines and the dugouts. We were told that on a wild pitch the runners take two bases. The Expos have not started off the season very well and had lost 12 games straight. To try to get the team to do better the General Manager started sleeping in the dugout. An additional staff member was added until there were eight sleeping in or on the dugout until July 5th when the Expos won their second game of the season having a 2 win and 17 loss start to the season. Today they won a 1 hit shut-out, 7-0, over the Mahoning Valley Scrappers. They played well defensively and brought home runners when they got on base. The box score was Scrappers R-0, H-1, E-1 and Expos R-7, H-7, E-0. The field lines are RF-323', RC-346', CF-405', LC-355', and LF-330'. Today the Expos recognized military members and the local police and fire fighters. There was a sergeant from the Air National Guard who sang the National Anthem while the flag was presented by a color guard from the local Air Force Junior ROTC unit. The firemen drove some of their fire trucks on the field before the game. Shaw's Supermarkets were sponsors of the game. They were co-sponsors along with a local radio station in passing out baseballs with flag printed on it. They passed out small bags of potato chips in the stands during the game. Shaws started in 1860 in Portland, ME. The 1946 Chevrolet Panel Van is the original delivery van for the original store which was restored 10 years ago. It was driven in 1946 by Clifford W. Perham, note the license plate. Champ the Sea Serpent is the mascot and is shown with the JROTC before the game. He has a great personality and is loved by the children. The Expos have a bat girl. Two of the in-between inning activities involved the JROTC cadets. One had them pushing shopping carts around cones while picking up items and putting them in the carts. The other one had them shooting balls into a hockey net. We would like to thank Mike Simpson, Asst. GM, for the complimentary tickets, food, program, and history book about the ballfield. 2006 affiliate with Washington Nationals and change name to Vermont Lake Monsters with new logo. 2011 affiliated with Oakland. New logo in 2014. 2021-- Team playing in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League.
Ethan Allen Homestead encompasses a timber frame house and restored farmstead. Fee.

Shelburne Museum consists of 39 galleries and historic structures, many of them dismantled and moved from various places in New England. The buildings house collections of art and artifacts depicting early New England life. Fee.