The Lowell Spinners, a Short A affiliate of Boston, play at Edward LeLacheur Park which was built in 1998. Mr. Lacheur was the local representative to the Massachusetts General Court for over 24 years. He supported the building of the ballpark. This medium sized Single A stadium, seating 5,000, does not have any suites which is surprising in that sell-outs occur at almost all games. Standing room only tickets are available and after the second inning the ushers will try to find you a seat. The concession concourse is above the seats with the broadcast booth at concourse level behind the seats. The Spinners were playing the Oneonta Tigers. Due to a lack of defensive support by the Spinners players they lost the game 8-4. The box score was Tigers R-8, H-12, E-0 and Spinners R-4, H-8, E-4. The field lines are RF-301', CF-400', and LF-337'. The fans were supportive of the team until the later innings when they realized that the Spinners would probably not make a come-back and win. There were the usual mid-inning activities. One new one was two boys trying to punch it out with punching gloves that must have been 3' long. They could hardly get them off the ground, much less swing them. Because of the many canals running through Lowell the mascot is named Canaligator. Excellent prices at the concession stands with long lines because of this I would guess. 2013--No team playing here. Team moved to Worcester, MA.
Lowell National Historical Park commemorates Lowell's pioneering role in the American Industrial Revolution. Lowell had many cotton mills. Free. Try the boat tour of the canals, reservations required. Fee.

Boott Cotton Mills Museum is housed within the brick walls of a cotton mill built in 1873. It exhibits Lowell's textile mills and the Industrial Revolution in general. Fee.

The Working People Exhibit housed in a Boott Mill boardinghouse explores the story of the industrial revolution by concentrating on Lowell's working people. Free

Whistler House Museum of Art the birthplace of James Abbott McNeill Whistler contains 19th & 20th-century New England art including etchings by Whistler. Fee.