The Clinton LumberKings, a Single A affiliate of Texas, play at Alliant Energy Field, formerly Riverview Stadium that was built in 1937, with seating for 4,000. The seating goes from past first to past third with three rows of wooden slatted seats at the front and backless bleachers behind the aisle. The section behind home has been upgraded to aluminum seats and backed aluminum bleachers. The press box is at the back of the bleachers. There is an old fashioned flat roof on pillars over all the seating. There is a picnic table party area just beyond the third base seating and a children's activity area beyond that with a net roof for safety. Lumber Lounge is in right field. The stadium is very close to the Mississippi River. You can see gambling riverboats over the fence. There is one basic scoreboard. Clinton was playing the Kane County Cougars and lost 10-5. There were lots of hits, errors, and pitchers. The first two LumberKings pitchers got hit for 10 runs in 4 2/3 innings. The box score was Cougars R-10, H-14, E-3 and LumberKings R-5, H-12, E-1. The field lines are RF-325', RC-401', LC-390', and LF-335'. Louie is the Mascot. The attendance was 671, of which many left by 9-9:30pm because of the score. A ball was hit back to the pitcher which knocked off his glove and the ball bounced up in the air, he caught the ball barehanded before it hit the ground. 2009 affiliated with Seattle Mariners.