The Stockton Ports are affiliated with Cinncinnati. The field is in Oak Park. We told the ticket seller about our trip and shortly after sitting down we were given complimentary Wienerschnitzel Hot Dogs. The weather had cooled to about 97 degrees at game start and it was down to 84 degrees at the end of the game. The Ports were playing the Lancaster Jethawks and were victorious 2-1. It was won on a two run double to right center. The mascot is Skipper. There were only 514 people at the game with only 7 people sitting in the section where we were sitting. Field dimensions are left field 325 feet, right field 335 feet, and center field 392 feet. 2007 affiliated with Oakland Athletics. The Ports moved to a new stadium downtown in 2005 named Banner Island Ballpark that seats 5,200 fans.