The San Jose Giants are affiliated with the San Francisco Giants. This was a day game, so it was hot and sunny. Andrea forgot to put sunscreen on her shoulders and was burned well done. Municipal stadium was built in 1942 and seats 5,208. Though it was state of the art then, it is not so today. The inside corridor where the food stands and souvenir stand is located is very dark. The bathrooms are very small. I hate to think what the players locker rooms are like. Around the walls of the ballpark's public areas are pennants from teams of the past which were interesting to look at. When purchasing a program you are given a Baseball Bingo card. The announcer gives out some numbers and you fill in the other numbers depending on hits and plays made by the home team. The wind was blowing out to centerfield at about 20 miles per hour. The field lines are right field 320', left field 320', centerfield 390', right center 365'-390', left center 345'. This game was definitely not a pitching duel unless you want to consider 5 pitchers on each side a duel of many. The Giants lost to the Stockton Ports 14 - 12. The box score was Stockton 14 runs, 13 hits, 1 error, San Jose 12 runs 14 hits, 3 errors. No mascot appeared. 2021--Affiliated with San Francisco. Low A playing in the West League.
History Park - com-prises 28 structures that highlight the history and culture of San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley, depicting area life at the turn of the 20th century, Fee.

Peralta Adobe & Fallon House Historic Site - 1797 Peralta Adobe consists of two rooms and illustrate daily life in early San Jose during its Spanish and Mexican periods. The Fallon House built in 1859 is a Victorian house furnished in period - Fee.