Today is the 4th of July. We went right to the ballpark and had hot dogs for dinner. There was a sold-out crowd, 4,646, because of the fireworks scheduled for after the game. Flags were given out to everyone. It was hot, 89 degrees, until the sun went down. The Modesto A's were playing the Visalia Oaks, another Advanced A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, so we cheered for the home team. Modesto won 8-3. The stadium is very nice and looks like it has been recently renovated. The field lines are right field 319 feet, left field 312 feet, center field 400 feet, left-center field 393 feet and right-center field 370 feet. Peanuts is the name of the elephant mascot. Recognized at the game was the 4 millionth attendee to Modesto baseball games, a 5 year-old boy. One of his prizes was a life-time ticket to Modesto A's games. After the game they had a nice fireworks display, which was set up outside the left-center field fence. It took us an hour to get back to our motel because of the traffic. Ballpark name is John thurman Field and seats 4,000 normally. 2007 affiliated with the Colorado Rockies. Name and logo changed to Modesto Nuts in 2005. 2016 affiliated with Seattle Mariners. 2021--Affliated with Seattle. Low A playing in the West League.
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