Tonight was the Lancaster Jet Hawks, affiliated with the Colorado Rockies, against the Mariners' affiliate San Bernardino. The Jet Hawks slammed San Bernardino 21 to 2. We saw Jay Bell play on a rehab assignment for Lancaster. He hit a grand slam. At the game it was hot again with a hot wind. We were sitting in the second row of the reserved section on the third base side in the shade. One of the things Jim always does is check out the field orientation before buying tickets to insure SHADE in all this sun and heat. Sitting in front of us was a local COSTCO manager who has had season tickets from the first year of the stadium, 1996. He gets to Seattle on an annual basis and always attends a Mariners game. It was enjoyable talking to him and getting information about the stadium and local area. The stadium is called "The Hanger" because of the close proximity of Lancaster to Edwards AFB. There is seating for 4,500 fans. Parking was $2. The field lines are RF 350', LC 410', LF 350', and LC and RC 385'. The box score was San Bernardino R-2, H-9, E-2 and Jet Hawks R-21, H-21, E-0. New Logo 2008. 2009 affiliated with Houston Astros. 2021--No team at this location.
California Poppy Reserve - west of Lancaster is known for its abundant springtime display of poppies. 7 miles of trails and an interpretive center, mid-March to mid-May, free.